Bocs Presents : Mr Kobo

28 March 2014

Mr Kobo is a local visual artist based in the beautiful Snowdonia region of North Wales, who is quickly gaining recognition for his unique and imaginative artwork.

The images he creates contain strong symbolic elements and are typically orientated around a central character. Some of his works express his personal experiences in life, whilst others are based upon inspiring myths and legends. Many are also heavily influenced by the people he has met throughout his journey through life.

Drawing influences from art forms such as the Graphic Arts and Graffiti to art movements such as Pop Surrealism & Art Nouveau, his work treads the borders between fine art and illustration.

Over time his work has shifted and changed to express new ideas and allow him to experiment with different media, whilst always keeping a recognisable signature style.

His distinct and contemporary illustrations are typically produced in graphite to capture delicate and subtle tones, whilst his bolder and brighter painted works are created using combinations of aerosol, acrylic and emulsion paint on a variety surfaces. He is also accomplished in the art of pyrography and continues to experiment with the medium and its application to his artistic work.

After exhibiting in various cities across the UK, Mr Kobo’s first solo show in his homelands of North Wales will be presented by Bocs, where a collection of his works will be on display at the gallery between 4th and 27th April, 2014.

The opening night is on 3rd April and includes a private view of Mr Kobo’s work, along with visuals and sounds by local creative music producers, LSN.

Arddangosfa Portread o Ferch // Portrait of a Woman Exhibition

28 February 2014

An exhibition questioning the ‘portrait of a woman’ in today’s society by women.

As part of the celebrations for International Women’s Day 2014, Bocs is very pleased to introduce its new exhibition: A Portrait of a Woman.

The theme for the International Day Women 2014 is ‘Inspiring Change’.

Equality for women has improved a lot, but there is still room for improvement: the aim and theme of the exhibition is to encourage the advocacy for the promotion of women everywhere, in every way. It calls for challenging the status quo, for women’s equality, and looks to inspire positive change.

This exhibition is a response to the theme: Portrait of a Woman, with the artists communicating and exploring this theme symbolically and literally. I hope you find inspiration from the work and hope you enjoy the work.

Menna Thomas, Curator

Arddangosfa // Exhibition: Lisa Eurgain Taylor - ‘Perthyn’ / ‘Belonging’

23 January 2014

06.02.2014 - 02.03.2014

Agoriad // Opening: 06.02.2014, 6pm.

Lisa Eurgain Taylor grew up in Rhosmeirch, Anglesey, and attended Ysgol Gyfun Llangefni, Coleg Menai and Wimbledon College of Art. She gained a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art: Painting in July 2013.

At present she paints solely from her studio at home. She works mainly with oil paint, but sometimes introduces lino cut printing to her paintings. Her work is abstract in style and an unique use of colour emerges in her hazy landscapes. She finds inspiration in her natural surroundings, and various factors that have contributed to form her personal identity. Her main influences are the photographer Bill Brandt and the painter J.M.W. Turner.

Since graduating, Lisa has exhibited in the ‘Recent Graduates’ Exhibition’ at the ‘Affordable Art Fair’, Battersea Park, London, (October 2013) and was featured in ‘The October Gallery’ in ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ magazine (October issue, 2013). She also gained a prestigious accolade by winning this year’s ‘Staff Vote’ Art Award at Clyde & Co, London, (November 2013) receiving a trophy and a generous cheque.

As well as working from her studio, Lisa is currently studying a part time course, ‘Art in Health and Social Care’ at Coleg Harlech and does occasional work at Gwynedd Museum and Art Gallery, Bangor.

Having already sold a creditable amount of paintings, Lisa has had a great start to her career, and hopefully she will develop into an established artist in the future.

Join us on Thursday the 6th of February, 6pm at Bocs, 20 Stryd Fawr, Caernarfon.
Workshop and Q&A are to be announced.

Art need not be a solitary pastime.

20 January 2014

I’m part of a collective of artists called Happy Medium. Weformed 3 years ago, some of us knew each other through school, and the rest met through a common interest: Art.  We started meeting with the intention to doodle in company, and we naturally began sharing ideas, techniques and critique. It led to collaborative pieces on canvas using posca’s, a very pub friendly way of painting. This created an interest in our work, and praise from the people in the bars where we met. Ideas flowed, and we soon found ourselves doing much larger live painting at music nights and festivals.

To have people look at your work is difficult, but once you allow it to happen your work evolves at a faster pace. People often ask ‘where do you start with a piece like that?’ or state ‘I could never draw that’, the truth is that no one can until they do. Each piece is an evolution of all of the ones that came before it. Each piece that I do is made up of things that I’ve seen, down to the obscure details.

I look at literally hundred’s, maybe thousand’s of images when I’m working on a piece. When I’m drawing a hand, I take photos from different angles, lighting, and distance. I think about what’s under, in, and on the skin. What the hand is holding, how tight the grip is, how old the hand is, how weathered it may be, then I move onto the next part. Metal, wood, rope, rain coat… I look at all of these things as I work, taking just enough reality to make you think ‘if it was real…’

The most recent piece I’ve worked on in Make Your Marks is now on display in Bocs gallery in Caernarfon. I started with pencil, then pen, and finished it digitally. It’s part of an exhibition by Happy Medium and is on until February 2nd.I’ve started another collective at The Heights with Tam, called Make Your Marks. We meet Tuesday nights at 7pm with the hope that it will benefit others, like Happy Medium has myself. Make Your Marks is an informal collection of artists, of varied levels working with an assortment of mediums; pens, pencils, acrylic, watercolour, charcoal, pastels, and digital. There are no fees involved, and people bring their own materials. Art need not be a solitary pastime.


This blogpost was written by Chris Williamson, one of the artists of Happy Medium for the Llanberis Heights blog. Published with permission of the author.

Happy Medium

3 January 2014

After forming locally, in the Bangor & Caernarfon area, Happy Medium has branched out to include artists with similar ideas and interests from all over the world.

Exhibited in this show are artworks by all of the local artists who founded Happy Medium, as well as artists from around the globe who have recently worked with them:

Mr Kobo
Mererid Haf
Lisa Jones
La Peralimonera
Olla Boku
Abbie Parry
Chris Williamson
Loch Ness
Decent Peoples

*Opening night visuals and soundscapes by LSN*

Join us on Thursday the 9th of January, 6pm at Bocs, 20 Stryd Fawr, Caernarfon.

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Workshop and Q&A:
To be announced.